Digital Screens



Falcon Media has been on the UAE market of for 9 years and for the past 2 years has been developing Digital Screen platform and partnerships with various location providers.

Falcon Media Digital screens display various informative content such as: up to date information about current law regulation, weather, the stock market, fun fact, world news and many other; Moreover, partners are offered the opportunity to effectively target their audience and inform them about their business such as new facilities and entertainment offers in the vicinity, special deals/offers and other…

At the same time, residents benefit by being informed about into the surrounding areas, food and beverage outlets, new market features and services and etc…

Information content is carefully selected depending on the area and the building in order to effectively provide the relevant information to the right audience.

Access to a variety of residential and business building across Dubai gives us the possibility to properly plan and implement the custom-made media offer for our advertising partners.

Building Benefits

Falcon Media Digital Screens provide a platform for easy and effective Communication with residents.

Screens are located at strategically selected locations in the building to capture the biggest volume of attention.

Providing the home owners and management possibility to effectively communicate messages in case of emergency, maintenance failures or any other updates necessary for residents to be informed about.

Display Properties

Falcon Media is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as the elegant design of its Digital Screens that are tailored-made to perfectly blend into the environment.

  • High-Resolution Screen
  • Display screen 22 inch
  • Picture & Audio Format
  • Adjustable Frame as per environment
  • Built in Speaker

Easy and Effective Communication with residents.