Moving Boards - We Do It All

Revolutionary Advertising Concept

Encompasses 3 main Marketing segments;

Mobility,Visibility and Human Interaction.


Contact made easier – Moving Board makes it possible to display images and messages whenever and wherever desirable.

It increases product and service recognition and gives you the ability to advertise or night at various locations

and multiple routes.

Attention Grabbing appearance – it creates a high visual effect for pedestrians and drivers by utilizing high definition images placed on

the front and back of the illuminated boards.

Flexibility – our clients can decide which walking routes MOVING BOARD will take, in addition distribution of flyers (commercial material) is


The Lowest Cost of Advertising – According to American research for outdoor advertising and Wall Street journal, (2004), Mobile billboards

are the medium with the most inexpensive campaign costs in comparison with all other types of Media

including – TV, radio, newspaper and street billboards.

Mobility, Visibility and Human Interaction.